Published on: July 27, 2015
Social media pitch

- Fugard Theatre Tickets are subject to availability and reasonable advance booking

- Open Book tickets to specific events are subject to availability

- Lauren Beukes’s T&Cs for Cameo

1. Lauren Beukes will undertake to include the winner of the Open Book Raffle in her next written book

2. This is to support the Open Book Festival. She is doing this for free, in good faith and good humour for an awesome cause and the entrant should honour this and come to the party with the same good will.

3. The entrant will have a cameo character named after him/her, with at least one line of dialogue (whether that's actual dialogue or a comment in a Reddit post or a dream sequence or a phone conversation)

4. Rules for the name are as follows:

  • Names that are very silly (eg Hierophant Dweezil) or potentially offensive (eg Feminazi Gamergate) or do not fit with the tone of the story will not be used
  • The name may be shortened or changed to suit, at Lauren Beukes’s discretion in consultation with the entrant
  • Online user names will be considered provided they are not offensive or advertising a service/brand
  • Lauren Beukes is permitted to renege on this deal or seek further clarification if she suspects the entrant is attempting to use another’s name in order to cause anxiety, insult, offence or vengeance
  • Entrants may supply additional information which Lauren Beukes may use
  • By supplying Lauren Beukes with their details the entrant is agreeing to the use of his/her likeness and name and any other additional information supplied and agreed on in Beukes’s book, and he/she grants those rights to Beukes and her publishers and to whatever edition or version the book may become
  • If the entrant changes their mind, they can be deleted from the book UNLESS THE BOOK HAS GONE TO PRESS. To the best of her ability, Beukes will communicate the date of the book going to press
  • Lauren Beukes will to the best of her ability, show the entrant the section where he/she appears and would welcome any input that they might have, although she can’t promise to act upon it.
  • The entrant will get one signed copy of the book in which they appear, sent directly to them, at no cost to them, to their postal address. If the book comes in multiple editions, they should specify which edition they would like. (eg. South African or American or Croatian).